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Set of Portuguese flavors, traditional, handmade production. Flavors with hands full of knowledge, treating all raw materials with affection and dedication. It’s a fantastic birthday present. It will give pleasure to those who taste these unique flavors.

  • Sardine can in Extra Virgin Olive Oil 125gr.

A beautiful cork packaging has one of the tastiest raw materials in Portugal, SARDINE. It is one of our symbols of our gastronomy, where richness and diversity is a central and identifying point of our culture.

  • Chocolate Tablet 125gr Tiles

With 55 cocoa content, our chocolate is produced with a high degree of quality.

  • Illustration

The illustration on the packaging of the chocolate tablet is a reference to our history and heritage because it illustrates much of our heritage and culture.

It is one of our icons,which has marked and will mark our history. The Tiles are present in the overwhelming majority of our heritage. They are of extraordinary beauty and uniqueness.

  • Cork

The use of cork is sustainable, help the preservation of cork oaks.

Be sure to peek at our collection of environmentally friendly cork-packed chocolates.

It’s an excellent memory and a one-time birthday present. Taste or surprise those you like.

It will mark the day and make happy anyone who has the privilege of experiencing them.

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